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   Prior to 2014, I was 40 lbs. heavier than my weight in my 20's and statistically overweight according to the Center for Disease Control(CDC)guideline. Gov. Healthweight My weight crept up into the overweight zone 17 pounds ago! I sported a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27.7, body fat percentage of 34%, and 174 lbs. on my not quite 5'7" tall frame. My clothes were tight and the next size up from there was not a size my favorite stores carry.
   I was 47 years old and I had always tried. Tried to eat right. Tried to get in some exercise each week a couple nights per week. I ate lots of fruit and veggies most days. In addition, most evenings I ate how Americans are expected to eat: Spaghetti, pizza, occasionally burgers and fries, but often home cooked "square meals": meat and potatoes or pasta and sauce. I attended exercise classes that I felt challenged me and I enjoyed, yet I gained weight. Not a bunch, but I added one to two pounds a year since my early thirties. It did not seem like much, but resulted in a closet full of clothes I could no longer wear. I was right on the edge of giving up. I didn't know what to do to lose weight. I already avoided clothes that were form fitted on my midsection.

   I changed all that as a result of a combined effort of cardio and weightlifting, PLUS a very important nutrition lecture that my trainer provided changed my weight, my health, and my body shape and size for the better and has altered my lifestyle permanently. In eight months I dropped 5 dress sizes to a size 2. The reward is not always visible in a week, but from one month to the next my body changed. After this success I became passionate about the lifestyle of fitness. I am now over 50 years old, and certified level 1 with the Precision Nutrition Sports Nutrition coaching program. I train others the techniques that worked for me and I am continuously learning. I took my experience of changing my body to training for and competing in six Women's Figure Competitions in the National Physique Committee regional qualifiers and a Master's National Competition in July of 2016.
   I train others to take charge of their health, weight, and shape in a healthy new fitness lifestyle. I took responsibility for my fitness without the crutch of someone else's class schedule and knowledge, and I will train you to do the same!

March 2018 / Fit at Fifty Samantha
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