Your nutrition plan is geared toward the most quality and quantity of
nutritional food with the fewest empty calories as possible.

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   Food is good for you. Also food is the energy that keeps you going. Have you ever eaten sweets and still craved "real" foods? This program works to eliminate the foods that cause weight gain, and prioritizes the foods that give health, wellness, and fitness. Number one on my program, you must eat. Wow. Makes sense right?!

   My program encourages eating every two to three hours to keep blood sugars level with a list of healthy foods in a balanced proportion. My aim is to work with you to progress your understanding of the foods you eat and how much.

   It's NOT just calories, and not just a balanced meal in the right proportions. The most important piece of this puzzle is food choice. It's eating enough of the right calories, from the right foods, in the right nutrient profile. Contact me for nutrition coaching prices!

March 2018 / Fit at Fifty Samantha
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